Ace Drayage operates under the Commercial Transportation LLC (CTI) operating authority with MC# 002605, DOT# 085508 and SCAC code CMAA.  Commercial Transportation LLC (CTI) and Ace Drayage are divisions of the Evans Network of Companies.


In June 2001, Vickie Brown became an agent for Falcon Transport, Inc, headquartered in Lancaster, PA after 20 years of working as a port driver, dispatcher and terminal manager for various trucking companies in Savannah, GA.  Over the course of her 14 years of leadership at Falcon Transport, she created a team of professionals dedicated to respect for drivers and intense focus on customer service and reliability.  As a result of her keen business sense and client focused approach, she was able to grow the business to an $8M a year terminal with over 50 owner operators and 70 company owned chassis.  In 2007, her daughter Stephanie Wagner joined her team.  Stephanie is an engineering graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology and she brought with her 8 years of sales and business experience as well as Six Sigma training from General Electric where she obtained her Six Sigma Black belt.  Her primary focus was increasing sales and operational efficiency as well as implementing technology to increase productivity and profitability.  In 2012, Vickie purchased 9 acres near the Georgia Ports Authority where she developed it into a first class container drop yard with ample lighting, barbed wire security fencing, closed circuit video camera surveillance and 100 cement container drop pads for heavy loads.  In January 2015, Vickie lost her three year battle with lung cancer.  After her passing, her daughter, Stephanie, took over the business and helped lead her team through the tragic passing of their beloved leader.  In March 2016, Stephanie made the tough choice to transition the agency to Ace Drayage as a division of the Evans Network of companies.  The decision was based on providing operational efficiency within the terminal, technology advancements and driver benefits.    


  • Round Trip Import and Export Drayage service from the Georgia Ports Authority in Garden City/Savannah, Ga (see our Service Center Locator for other Ace Drayage locations).

  • Overweight Permitting and Heavy Haul Abilities up to 57,000 lbs

  • Hazardous Cargo Transport

  • US Customs Bonded Transport

  • Secure Drop Yard - Most clients don’t realize the importance of a good drop yard. A poorly maintained yard in the coastal area will cause your containers to sink and a wrecker has to be called to pick it up. This can potentially damage your cargo as it shifts. Our yard has cement drop pads so containers never sink into the soft soil. We also have ample light to help keep the cargo secure and we have an automatic gate with individual access codes for each driver. This ensures the gate is never accidentally left open and helps limit access to the yard. Many of our competitors have one code and when a drivers leaves he/she continues to have access because the code never changes. Lastly, we have barbed wire fencing around the perimeter and security cameras to watch all traffic on the yard.

  • EDI Capabilities

  • We do NOT handle refrigerated containers

  • We do NOT handle over-sized flat racks or open top containers


  • 20' Standard Chassis

  • 20' Triaxle Chassis

  • 20'/40' Triaxle Chassis

  • 40' Standard Chassis

  • 40'/45' Slider Chassis


  • 8 Acre Well Lit Drop Yard

  • 1.5 Miles from Georgia Ports Authority Main Gate

  • Perimeter Fencing & Gated Entry

  • Video surveillance cameras onsite with remote monitoring

  • On-site maintenance and tire repair

  • Cement Drop Pads for heavy loads


For more information on how we can help you structure a program that works for you specific goals and objectives please contact or 912-964-0037.