Besides $$$, what are drivers looking for when they pick loads?

Due to a continued decline in the number of people driving trucks, we are now living in a time when truck drivers are in a position to call the shots more than ever.  Below are some of the things we see drivers looking for when they decide which locations they want to deliver to.

1) Locations they can get to without much traffic.  Large metropolitan areas rank low when drivers select delivery locations.

2) Open receiving, or early am time deliveries (preferably 4-6 am) so they can get in and out when traffic is lightest.  7am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm tend to be less desirable times due to heavier traffic.

3) Friendly warehouses - drivers feel they are disrespected in general and they like to go to warehouses that treat them and their time with respect.

4) Fast unloading/loading - Drivers prefer to get in and out quickly so they can get back on the road where they really make money.  Time spent waiting to get to a dock, waiting to get unloaded and waiting for paperwork are all issues drivers consider when selecting loads.

5) Weight - heavy weights cause the drivers to driver slower which cuts into their profits.  Heavier weights also cause more tire issues and wear and tear on the equipment so if they are going to haul heavier weights they want to be properly compensated.

6) Drop and Hook - drivers prefer drop and hook so they don't have to wait to get unloaded.

7) Ample parking and facilities - some drivers like to arrive early the night before to ensure they arrive on time before traffic picks up.  Locations that provide parking and bathroom facilities are much more likely for the drivers to pick than locations that have no where to wait.

These are things to keep in mind to help us provide freight for drivers that they enjoy handling.  Keeping drivers happy will help us ensure we have drivers to continue to deliver your cargo.