Chassis Shortage in Savannah

Just to put it in perspective, below is a aerial of the port.  The pink circled area is the chassis pool.  6 months ago it was about 3 times this size as indicated by the blue section but they took this space to open another gate.  I zoomed in and counted and there are approximately 150 spots in the pink section.  Granted, they can stack chassis but also keep in mind that according to the drivers there are about 1/3 out of service at any given time and unavailable to use.  Now, think about the fact that the port is handling 10,000 transactions per day.  That is 5,000 containers going in and 5,000 containers coming out.  Look at all those containers on the ground, in most cases stacked about 5 high and then the available chassis.  This is just to demonstrate that if you don’t already have chassis when you go in the port it is very difficult to get one.  I drove by yesterday as you can see the chassis pool when you drive down Hwy 25 and there were none stacked when I drove by and about half of the spots were filled, I am not sure how many were out of service but I suspect a lot.  This is why it is so important to have inbound container when we are pulling outs.  

port chassis shortage.jpg