Severe Weather and Office Closure

Monday, Sept 11th 1pm - We have experienced the worst of the remnants of Hurricane Irma in the Savannah and surrounding areas and I am happy to report our staff appears to be safe and without harm.  Our team members that evacuated will soon begin to return to the area so we can begin accessing any damage.  At this time, the authorities have asked us to continue to stay inside and off the roads so that emergency workers can access any risks.  This area is also under a curfew which will limit the ability to travel.  We can tell from our security cameras that our office still has power and internet.  The drop yard and all of the containers on it look to be in good shape.  The port is still closed and scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, September 13th.  Most of our employees are without power and at this time we do not know when they will regain power.  There are areas of flooding and downed trees that will prevent travel on the roads.  At this time it is not likely that we will begin to deliver containers until Thursday and after.  Please note that import containers will take precedent over exports to minimize demurrage costs.  Please be patient as we start rescheduling appointments and understand that we will prioritize in order of Last Free day.  Please note that the recent storms are causing rising fuel prices so please expect fuel surcharges to increase.    

For updates from the port please continue to monitor the links below.