Post Hurricane Matthew

The last week has been quite eventful for those of us in the city of Savannah as well as the surrounding areas.  Most of our employees and drivers now have power after 5 days since Hurricane Matthew's effects.  Luckily our office never lost power through the entire event and we were able to watch some of the terrifying sights from our drop yard on our video cameras today.  We appear to have picked up all of the containers from the port that were left there as we rushed out of town to evacuation last week before the hurricane.  Now, we are anxiously awaiting offloading of the vessels that were finally able to return to Garden City Terminal today.  The port reported record volumes yesterday and today seemed quite crazy as well.  Due to the delay in vessel arrivals we are expecting next week to be quite busy.  Please bear with us as we work to deliver the backlog of containers that this natural disaster is sure to create.  

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, patience and expressions of concern for us.  Please keep our staff and drivers in your thoughts as we continue to repair our homes and clean up the debris and downed trees.