We use Verizon Connect (Previously Telogis) ELD for driver logs.  The configuration is a device connected to the truck ECM plug, a small internal antennae and an app installed on your smart device (phone or tablet) that operates as the interface for the driver to change record of duty status and complete DVIRs. 


  • To determine which type plug you need please use this document.
  • Use the Device Setup Instructions for detailed explanation of how to setup the hardware. Linking the hardware.  This is extremely important.  Unless we link a specific ELD unit to a specific truck in the back end, we aren’t capturing the needed data.   If you look at the “Evans Installation” pdf, you’ll see at image 3 we boxed a “ESN” number for you.  This is the unit’s serial number.  Each time a unit is installed, we need to know the ESN number and the truck that it is associated with.  We can link the units 1 of 2 ways.  Anyone can contact our hours team and we can do it for you.  Or the truck can call Telogis direct at 877-943-7306 Monday-Friday from 7AM-7PM central time. 
  • Under the Dash installationhttps://youtu.be/4IpjrSHCYkc
  • Over the Dash installationhttps://youtu.be/ZTTmJ2YkJII

Software/App Instructions

  • Use the App Setup Instructions to install the app, log in and determine how to change status and complete DVIRs- Username is evansdelivery:12345 where 12345 is your driver log id number, Password is your birthday in mmddyy format.  For a condensed two page document with "Day in the Life" instructions use this document.
  • App Training Video
  • Use the Instructions for DOT Roadside Inspection to determine what needs to be done to share your logs with the inspector during a roadside inspection.

Need help? our call center is here to assist – 570-218-3368