Frequently Asked Questions

 True or False?

1.      Electronic logs will shut down my truck when I’m out of hours.

o   False, Big Road does not shut down your truck but you will be in violation if you go over our hours and at risk to be put out of service by the DOT.

2.      Big Road will show the DOT officer where my violations are.

o   False, Big Road does not flag the violations on the logs that the officer will view. However, it does flag violations for you to view.

3.      I can use my own phone to create compliant E-logs.

o   True, Big Road is a free App download on your smart phone or tablet device.

 ELD Mandate FAQs

Q. If I switch to an ELD, I won’t be able to make any money.

A. Yes, you can (and possibly more). One thing you need to remember is that EVERYONE within the industry is being forced to play by the same rules. The ELD mandate actually levels the playing field and puts everyone in the industry in the same boat. No one will be able to cheat on their logs and there is no incentive for dispatchers to pressure their drivers to go beyond their hours.

Q. Putting an ELD in to my truck will mean I will run out of hours sooner.

A. No. This is not true. The Hours of Service Regulations remain the same. The only thing that is changing is how your drive time is recorded. If you’re logging accurately now, you could actually save on duty time.

 Q. The shippers and receivers making me wait at their locations are going to cause me to run out of hours.

A. Shippers will eventually have to reduce delays and detention as a result of the ELD mandate and reduced industry capacity.

Phones & Data FAQs

Q. How much data will the Big Road App use on my phone/tablet?

            A. Big Road currently uses about 300 MB of data per month…this will soon be dropping lower to 50 MB per month.

 Q. What type of phone/tablet should I use?

A. Big Road recommends Android devices running OS 4.1.0 or higher. Phones receive stronger signals than tablets do.

 Q. Can I use my iPhone?

A. Currently the Big Road App does work on Apple products, but the Dashlink engine connection does not. Apple Dashlink support is expected in February 2017.

 Q. What features need to be enabled on my phone/tablet?

A. Your device must have a Data plan, Internet, GPS, and Bluetooth enabled. It is also recommended that while using Big Road, you keep your device plugged in and charged at all times.

 Compliance FAQs

Q. What should I do during a roadside inspection?

            A. -Give the inspector your laminated Driver Cab Card (provided by safety at time of enrollment)

- On the App, go to Daily Logs and then “Inspect Logs” choosing your previous 7 days for review. Give to the inspector

- The inspector will review your logs on the device. It is not necessary to provide paper copies during a roadside inspection of a Dashlink engine-connected device.

 Q. What should I do if I get a Sensor Failure?

A. A sensor failure is caused by your Dashlink becoming unplugged; Bluetooth disconnected, or malfunction of the unit. If you cannot get it to reconnect, you will need to switch to paper logs and have your Dashlink replaced within 8 days.

 Q. Do I still have to carry paper logs?

A. Yes. In the case of a sensor failure that cannot be immediately remedied, you will need to switch to paper logs. DOT requires you to carry a blank log book and the Driver Cab Card with you at all times.

 Hours of Service Options FAQs

Q. When is Personal Conveyance – Off Duty Driving allowed?

A. Personal conveyance is to be used for personal driving that is not related to any dispatch or load. That is, the truck cannot be hooked up and pulling anything, (not even an empty trailer) and cannot be on their way to pick up another load. Some examples of acceptable Personal Conveyance uses include driving home from the terminal, any personal errands or going out to eat. An abuse of Personal Conveyance would be an instance where a driver is using it to get to their next location, or closer to it, without increasing their on duty driving time.

 Q. Does a Yard Move eat up my drive time?

A. With Big Road, you can use the Yard Move option to move up to 5 miles without changing your duty status to driving status. This is a great option for at the ports/piers/customer yards to be able to move around and stay on duty.

 Q. Can I edit my logs?

A. Yes, to a point. You can make notes and edit all information EXCEPT drive time within 24 hours. You will not be able to edit drive time or anything that would impact your drive time.

 Q. How does my carrier receive my logs?

            A. When you use Big Road, your logs are automatically submitted to your carrier. NO          MORE MISSING LOGS!

 Q. Can terminal managers see the logs?

Yes, terminal managers have been given their own logins to the Big Road Web portal to view their drivers.

 Q. Is “Big Brother” watching me?

A. No. The Government is not tracking your every move. Privacy is a big part of the ELD mandate and only authorized employees from your carrier and terminal will be able to see the location of your vehicle.

 Specific rules for Evans Network Drivers FAQs

Q. Will local drivers need to use the program?

A. Yes. All Evans Network drivers will be using the Big Road program. There is a setting you can use for local runs.

 Q. Will trucks older than modal year 2000 be required to use the Big Road program?

A. Yes. All Evans Network drivers will be using the Big Road program. If the truck doesn’t have an ECM connection, you still have the ability to use the Big Road App for your logs.